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Perfectly Fresh expand their UK based vertical farming operations

Experts in horticulture, Perfectly Fresh, are expanding on their innovative vertical growing facilities. Producing the highest quality food, Perfectly Fresh have already secured preferred partner status with two leading UK supermarkets, leading to this rapid expansion of their operations.

Their operations currently span over 1,100 square metres and is a pioneering example of the finest British engineering being harnessed to meet the growing needs of an ever-expanding global population. Perfectly Fresh has built a Research and Development facility in Selby, Yorkshire comprising of two germination rooms and four test growing areas, with a further 5,000 square metre production facility operational in 2020. This custom-built UK facility results in premium quality crops available all year round.

“Our mission is to grow the best quality, highly nutritious produce, whilst improving food security in times of economic and political uncertainty. Everything we grow is produced in optimum conditions for that specific crop, without compromise. We strive for zero carbon, producing close to the point of supply, harvesting more, wasting less, with sustainable resource efficient year-round production. Ultimately, we are producing food that tastes great, that you can feel good about eating.”

Explained Phill Davies, Chief Agronomist, Perfectly Fresh

At the forefront of this new agricultural advance, Perfectly Fresh is contributing to the rapidly growing awareness of the environmental impact of agriculture, and the need for high quality, low impact produce. The additional investment is secured for the next stage in 2020 with the worldwide vertical farming market expected to grow exponentially with the anticipated reach over $11,905 million by 2026 (Reuters, 2019).

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